Total Power Solutions - specialists in Power Factor and Harmonics


Total Power Solutions has been in business for over 10 years and offers a variety of services to help manage your electrical systems.

We offer a Power Quality Analysis to determine:

  • Load profile on buildings
  • Minimum and maximum current and voltage levels
  • Power factor
  • Harmonic distortion (problem diagnostics causing tripping of RCD’s, interference causing PC’s and PLC problems)
    All parameters are recorded simultaneously.

We can offer electrical components including:
  • Fuse switches
  • HRC fuses & cartridges
  • RCBO circuit breakers
  • Service fuses
  • Circuit breakers
  • Switchboards
  • Metal enclosures built to your specifications
  • Off the shelf plastic & metal enclosures
  • Relays& contactors
  • Metering from volt & amp meters
    to power quality analysers
  • current transformers
    - split & fixed donut type


Power factor correction:

  • Design & supply of Power Factor Boards
  • Testing of existing Power Factor Equipment
  • Repairs to faulty Power Factor Equipment
  • Supply of components associated to Power Factor

Harmonic Filtering:

  • Design of harmonic filtering solution
  • Sales of active harmonic filters

Energy management systems:

Supply of Circutor equipment including kWh meters, panel mount & din mount 3 phase power meters, pulse centralisers, CT’s, RS485 to Ethernet & RS485 to RS232 converters.

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