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Active Harmonic Filters are the ultimate answer to tough power quality problems caused by harmonics, unbalanced loads and reactive power demand.

Active Harmonic Filters can be applied to small, medium or large applications and are suitable for industrial and commercial use.


Any piece of electronic equipment which alters the sine wave will contribute to the harmonic disturbance in the supply.


Some examples of these include Variable Speed Drives, Electronic Lighting, Discharge Lighting, Computers and UPS’s.

Harmonics can lead to serious problems which may include:

  • Reduced energy efficiency
  • Premature aging of an installation
  • Overheating of cables, motors & transformers
  • Capacitor overloading & failures
  • Damage to sensitive equipment
  • High current in Neutral Conductor
  • Tripping of circuit breakers, especially RCBO’s
  • Excitation of network resonance
  • Reduced life of fuses
  • Disconnection from supply if harmonic levels are above the statutory regulations


Total Power Solutions can assess the harmonic levels in an installation by means of a Power Quality Analysis and design a solution which best meets the requirements for Current Harmonic and Voltage Harmonic levels.


Alternatively, if we are provided with Single Line Diagrams and load details at the design stage of a project, we are able to design a system on a worst case scenario, to enable the required components to be installed within the switchboard during construction stage, (CT’s and Circuit Breakers).


We can then provide a budget price for the Harmonic Filters to be installed at completion of project.


Once the building is completed, we would recommend conducting a Power Quality Analysis prior to handover to the customer, to measure the base building load, to get an accurate size requirement for the filtering of the harmonics within the system.


The ABB PQF range of filters is not just for eliminating harmonics within the electrical system.


They can also balance the amount of Current flowing within the system from taking current from the highest loaded phase, and redistributing this current across the other two phases.


By doing this, we also reduce the amount of current flowing in the Neutral.


Reactive power compensation of both inductive and capacitive loads is also possible with an ABB PQF filter.


This is very beneficial in situations where there are high levels of harmonics preventing the use of traditional PFC equipment, or the power factor of an installation has gone past unity and leading power factor is causing adverse problems within the power supply.


Click here to watch the ABB Active Filter in action.


Click here for further information about ABB PQF range of Active Harmonic Filters.