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Power Factor

Total Power Solutions offers a complete Power Factor solution for businesses, from design through to installation and ongoing service and preventative maintenance of units.

The benefits of good Power Factor include:

  • Reduced kVA demand charges on electricity bills
  • Reduction of current drawn from electrical network
  • Reduction of current in mains cables
  • Reduction of heat in cables and switchboards.


Power Factor benefits are only seen from the point of connection to your electrical system back to the Supply Authorities system.


So by installing Power Factor Correction at the Main Switchboard, you reduce the current, heat and kVA demand only from the MSB to the supply transformer.


However if you install Power Factor Correction at a distribution board, the reduction in current, heat and kVA will be seen in the sub-mains from the distribution board, as well as the Main Switchboard and the Supply Transformer.


In some situations this can help by allowing extra equipment to be connected to switchboards without having to upgrade the existing mains.


We continually find that many Power Factor Systems have been installed and then forgotten, until the system fails and they lose power to the site, or in some cases the smoke and fire alarms activate.


With regular preventative service and maintenance preformed on your Power Factor System, you can ensure that the equipment is always functioning at its prime operational condition.


Total Power Solutions are qualified to service and repair all makes and brands of Power Factor Equipment.


Total Power Solutions use Circutor AR-5 portable power analysers to measure the actual kVAr output of each step within your PFC system to ensure they are giving the correct output, and diagnose any reduction in output that indicates that the capacitor is close to failing.


These measurements are recorded and provided in a report with any repairs required and recommendations to ensure the system can operate as designed.


Total Power Solutions can then quote and conduct the necessary repairs, or liaise with and provide the required components to your regular Licensed Electrical Contractor.


Total Power Solutions are also able to modify/upgrade existing Power Factor Systems if significant growth within the site has resulted in the existing Power Factor System is unable to reach its set point.


This can be achieved by either increasing the amount of capacitance within the existing system, or by installing smaller satellite Power Factor boards on larger sub-switchboards or even large pieces or equipment that may have low Power Factor characteristics.


This then reduces the current and heat loads all the way back to the Supply Transformer, easing the load of the existing Power Factor System.


If you think that Power Factor Correction could benefit your site, or if you have already installed Power Factor Correction equipment but not had it checked or serviced for some time, contact us to arrange an on-site visit and see how we can help you reduce your power and possibly save you money


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