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AHF Gallery


3 x Main Switchboard Supplies wired to AHF D/B's.

Wiring to an AHF D/B allows for future expansion of filters and requires only one Active Filter C/B mounted within the Main Switchboard. It also allows for servicing works to be able to be carried out on Active Filters without disruption to the Main Switchboard, as AHF D/B can be completely isolated at the MSB.



2 x 120A Active Filters wired to AHF D/B

3 x 100A Active Filters wired to AHF D/B

2 x 120A Active Filters wired to AHF D/B

Before filter turned on -

    High THDI measured and unbalanced current loading results in high Neutral current.


After filter turned on -

    Low THDI measured and balanced current loading results in much lower Neutral current.